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Everything we do is rooted in integrity, trust, respect and experience. Having been elected and a Leader in the California Legislature, I can remember what impressed me about lobbying firms.

I have built this firm on what impressed me: personal interaction, excellent preparation, a clear understanding of both sides of the issue, a recognition of political impacts, a willingness to listen, an ability to build coalitions and a desire to find and provide solutions. I know that when you can trust someone, you can work with someone.

This is what drives the Villines Group.

Table Mountain Rancheria has enjoyed our relationship with Mike and benefited from his representation at the State Capitol. If you have walked the Halls with Mike you have seen that he knows everyone and genuinely loves what he does. His relationships, good nature and strategic thinking make us very comfortable that we are well represented in Sacramento.

– Dan Casas, General Counsel, Table Mountain Rancheria

About Villines Group

We are relentless in our focus on our clients’ goals and success. As a boutique firm, we are able to pay personal attention to the important nuances that make your issue unique to you. With decades of experience in government, politics and leadership in California, it is easy to think sometimes we have seen it all, yet each year brings new issues and unique challenges for our clients and for new, burgeoning industries in California and we are at the forefront of solving those problems for our clients. California is a nation-state and what happens in California can have significant impact on your business and across the nation. We know that you need someone to help navigate the landscape in California and you need someone who listens intensely, is immersed in personal relationships, is politically savvy and driven by integrity. That is who we are. That is why the Villines Group is fueled by references from existing clients. Because they see what we know: Personal attention aligned with your goals and our experience and relationships equals success. Period. In fact, our clients will tell you that. Go ahead and ask them.

JFK Profiles in Courage Award

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Successful lobbying requires on-going engagement with policy-makers and a willingness to look for solutions. It goes without saying that an extensive understanding of the policy process, the political environment, the key players and key stakeholders is a must. We thrive in this environment and we put our experience and relationships to work for you.

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Strategic Planning

Building an agreed upon strategy and implementation plan to achieve your goals is always one of the most important steps to your success.  Working together, we can identify the key issues that we must deal with immediately as well as which ones are just beyond the horizon that we should be planning for.  Constant review, evaluation and adjustment are essential steps in implementing a successful strategy.

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Political Engagement

The political environment in California is ever-changing. At the Villines Group we recognize the ever-changing environment and we look to foster a strategic and long-term political engagement strategy that reflects your goals and your best use of resources.

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Budget Advocacy

Navigating the labyrinth of California’s budget process requires deep knowledge and experience.  It is always best to start early in the budget process but that is not always possible, so being able to communicate your key benefits in a simple, understandable way with staff and legislators at important junctures in the process is critical.

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Coalition Building

Successful coalition building is critical to acquire and to maintain influence within the fast-paced political legislative environment. The Villines Group understands the relevance of developing a powerful coalition advocacy network to deliver an effective message that is clear and powerful.

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