We are a fully integrated lobbying firm that provides monitoring, tracking and representation at the Legislative, Administration and Agency/Department levels. But everyone does that. What we do well is understand the dynamics between policy, politics and the current environment. We work year round on building and maintaining our relationships so that we are a trusted and credible source of information and solutions for policy makers and our clients. With decades of experience at every level of government and politics from campaign work, political fundraising, staff in the Legislature, staff in a Governor’s Office, staff at a Department and at an Agency to being elected to the California Legislature, our ability to navigate the process for our clients is unparalleled. Our experience and relationships allow us to help you at anytime in the process whether it is an interest to protect, a proactive change to the law, a tough battle, an immediate crisis or long-term strategy that is needed.

Budget Advocacy

The budget process in California is as unique as it is large. Much of the Legislative year is focused on negotiating the Governor’s vision of the budget and the Legislatures vision of the budget. Within those often competing visions lies the ability to successfully advocate for budget solutions or fight budget issues for you. With a deep understanding of the budget process and the players, we are well positioned to advocate for your important needs.

Coalition Building

Coalition building is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of hard work and connections. But it can be the difference often between success or not. We have helped clients organize within their own industries to collectively deliver a larger voice and we have worked with multiple local community and issue groups to effect change from the outside of the legislative process. Either way, coalitions are often a critical element in a successful result and we have broad experience in building and managing coalitions. It is important to realize that often an outside voice is a better deliverer of your message. Finding that outside voice and making sure it connects and resonates with policy makers is a critical skill-set we provide our clients.

Strategic Planning

The most important part of a successful strategy is a deep understanding of your issue. We immerse ourselves in your issue so that we can then layer in our broad experience to develop a strategy that makes sense and is based on experience and the current political/legislative environment. Every strategy is different but one thing is always consistent: We view ourselves as embedded in your team and your success.

Political Involvement

California has an ever-changing political landscape and sometimes those changes come so fast that it can be shocking to many. But our job is to know about those changes early and gauge how they affect our clients and their goals. At the Villines Group we manage significant political budgets for our clients and we understand that those resources are yours, not ours. When we build a political program for you, we focus on impact, short-term and long-term strategies and wise use of resources. Once we define our goals, we will build a political program that focuses on achieving those goals specifically. Without a specific political strategy, it is very easy to throw away precious resources without making the impact you desire. We will help you maximize your resources in a way that builds credibility and is meaningful

Our expertise and relationships allows us to understand our clients’ needs and create individual effective strategies for any situation or challenge.